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Erick Thürmer has disrupted his great grandfather´s 120-year-old traditional tool-business with a remarkable history – but no future perspectives – into a successful, purpose-driven 3D business.

Through exponential and transformational leadership, Erick Thürmer has taken the family business from Titanic to Amazon, from the industrial outskirts of Copenhagen to outer space and the production from China and back home to Denmark.

The company has been awarded leading digital company in Denmark and granted €1.6 million to develop the 3D business based on a 3D patent valued in €27 million by The Confederation of Danish Industry. Thürmer Tools is also part of the 2020 European Horizon Framework Programme.

Erick Thürmer is a graduate and faculty member of Singularity University, exploring the development and application of new technologies in order to solve global challenges purposely.

He is also an appointed member of “The Disruption Council: A partnership for Denmark’s Future” established by the Danish government to ensure the optimal implementation and adaption of technology and digitalisation in Denmark.

With 20+ years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Erick Thürmer is specialized in traditional, international trade, new development industries and exponential technologies.

He is a gap cover between digitalization, business & humanity and past, present & future. Frequently featured in the Danish media, he is known as Mr. Disruption, rock star CEO, advocate for SME´s and purpose-driven digitalisation specialist.

As a popular keynote speaker, he gave +80 keynotes in 2017 and is now guiding other companies and leaders in exponential transformation, leadership and business.

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